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Our Design-Build Process

Our process is designed to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish. From preliminary planning to design, blueprints, site plans, building permits, engineering and other professional services to the actual construction and finishing work, our experts work closely with property owners to keep projects on schedule with the superior service and results they expect. 

  1. Review scope of project for local building, zoning, health department and code officials. Coordination between the planning, zoning and building departments, site survey,  civil & structural engineers, architects/draftsmen, landscape architects and trades during design phase. 

  2. Prepare preliminary floor plans and elevations for your review. Provide an existing service/utility survey and needs analysis including trade input for plumbing, mechanical, & electrical designs (from sub-contractors) for the new project and building permits.

  3. Begin construction specifications providing value engineering for the project including coordination with the  project design team in support of the  preparation and submission of building permit drawings.

  4. Prepare preliminary cost estimate and budget review.


Time frame for this phase:  3 or 4 design meetings are usually required

  1. Completion of working drawings and construction specifications.

  2. Review and finalization of product selections.

  3. Construction budget and contract finalized and signed.

  4. Submit the final designs to the building department, respond to any code review comments and/or requested modifications during the code review process.


Timeframe for this phase:  4-8 weeks

  1. Demolition permit is obtained: Site preparation, including protection of existing architectural elements, character defining features, structures and grounds as required.  Demolition begins.

  2. Building/Site plan permits are received.  Erosion controls are put into place and the construction entrance is installed and inspected.

  3. Construction phase begins.